Transportation Planning and Modal Programs

Statewide Transportation Plan Update - Public Involvement

Public Involvement is a key piece of the SWTP update. The draft Public Involvement Plan outlines a process that the Department has developed to inform and to obtain information from citizens about transportation. It is aimed at assuring that all Alabamians have the opportunity to help identify transportation issues, needs and priorities and to comment on programs to address those needs. ALDOT has established principles it follows for public involvement – those include:

  • Information and opportunities for public involvement will be provided continuously throughout the planning process with special attention to involvement of environmental justice communities.
  • Information will be widely distributed to the general public. To the extent possible information will be displayed using visual format to communicate with the public and facilitate understanding of transportation needs and issues.
  • Participation by the general public, special interest groups, and those with an official or professional involvement in activities related to transportation is encouraged.
  • Participation of environmental justice communities will be encouraged through enhanced notification, communication and education targeted to generating interest and involvement.
  • Public input will be welcomed and considered when decisions are made in the planning and programming processes.
  • Clear and direct methods to evaluate the effectiveness of the public outreach efforts will be developed and applied.

The draft Public Involvement Plan has been developed to implement those principles throughout the development of the SWTP Update. Click here for a detailed summary (in PDF format) of the Public Involvement Action Program. Comments about the plan are welcome.