Consultant Management

ALDOT Consultant Management


David J. Welch, P.E.
Consultant Management Engineer
Phone: (334) 242-6842
FAX: (334) 353-6513

For consultant prequalification questions, please call (334) 242-6868.

The Consultant Management Section is Responsible for the preparation of consultant agreements, negotiating of fees and execution of consultant contracts. This section is also responsible for managing and reviewing roadway plans prepared by consultants, including the review and evaluation of highway capacity and interchange justification studies.

Please Note: This office only pre-qualifies consultants for Architectural/Engineering and related services. For computer services, please contact the Alabama Department of Finance, Information Services Division.

IMPORTANT: All Consultants, if selected for a project, must provide to the External Audit Section of the Bureau of Finance and Audits, for acceptance and approval, an audit in accordance and in compliance with Volume 1, Part 31, Contracts Costs Principle and Procedures, of the Federal Acquisition Regulations prior to performing any work awarded on any project funded partially or in full through the Alabama Department of Transportation.